Pumpkin Placemat In the Hoop

You don’t have to have a big hoop to embroider big projects. This Pumpkin Placemat design by Kreative Kiwi has been digitized for a 5×7 hoop even though the finished product measures 10×10. How do they do that?

The key is to first embroider a side piece that gets added on to the main pumpkin as part of the embroidery process.

The design is a freestanding applique, meaning that the applique is a stand-alone piece just like freestanding lace. The pumpkin is embroidered on a fabric-type, water-soluble stabilizer. When rinsed away, the applique shape remains as the finished product – an adorable placemat.

The applique process for this placemat is double sided and reversible, much like this towel project, so use the same color thread in the bobbin so that the back looks as pretty as the front.

The only difference is that this project adds low-loft quilt batting on the back of the hoop between the stabilizer and backing fabric.

When the add-on piece is done, remove it from the hoop and remove the water-soluble stabilizer.

Hoop water-soluble stabilizer and stitch the main part of the pumpkin.

When prompted, after trimming the extra fabric and batting away from the tack-down stitching, butt the add-on piece up to the edge of the main pumpkin.

Make sure the edges that butt up against each other are trimmed very close to the tack-down stitching. Use a glue stick to hold the add-on piece in place.

The embroidery finishes with satin stitching to join the two pieces and satin stitching around all of the remaining edges.

Cut away excess water-soluble stabilizer and remove the rest with a wet cloth.

Kreative Kiwi has several designs like this so you can make projects without any hoop limitations.