Project Potential: Gray is the New Neutral

Grey background on a tree skirt? It works and the design is 60% off through Friday!

Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Diane Roberts Pratt has done it again with a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt by one of her favorite designers, Anandas Divine Designs.

Like many of Anandas designs, this one is appliqued in separate sections, which are stitched together after embroidery. Each piece is finished off with a satin stitch edging in the freestanding applique technique, which makes it easy to zig zag edges together.

What makes this project even more extraordinary is Diane’s choice of background fabric. She used a grey snowy forest print that makes a great background for the applique snowmen.

The tree skirt is made from the Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt by Anandas Divine Designs.

The Christmas Tree Skirt Extension is also on sale.

The standard tree skirt design gives you a 32-inch diameter. Adding the extension takes it to nearly four feet in diameter, and that is accomplished by using a 6×8 hoop.

Diane chose to not use the satin stitch edging for each panel and, instead, included enough fabric for a seam allowance. That gives this project a clean, professional finish. Beautiful job once again, Diane! Thank you for sharing.

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