Embroidery Project Change Up: Make Your Thread Pop!

Experimenting with thread colors makes each project unique.

Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Kirsi Birtolini recently purchased the Decorative Horses set from Ace Points Embroidery and is loving it.

She has been embroidering dish towels and changed up the thread colors a bit to make a real impact. With design 3, Kirsi changed the more monotone sample

by adding some color, which drastically increased contrast.

Design 11 really pops using brighter colors than the

more pastel sample. Be sure you use a topper for towels. Even though these towels do not have a deep nap, they are textured and embroidering on a topper will help keep the stitches on top of the towel.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with any of these designer samples. Don’t be afraid to mix up and change fabric colors and threads to make your embroidery even more spectacular.

If you like the Decorative Horses set, you are in luck. It is 60% off until the end of April!

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