Products That Work: Superior Thread Holder

Want to improve your embroidery and save money? I’ll show you one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time!

I recently purchased the Superior Thread Holder (no affiliation) and wish that I had done so sooner. It has a very versatile design to accommodate proper thread delivery for sizes ranging from bobbins to cones. You thread your machine exactly the same way. The thread holder simply allows the thread to feed into your machine with less issues.

Thread is Thread, Right?

Depending upon how thread is wound at the factory, there is a specific way that it should unwind. A stack-wound thread is wound from the bottom to the top and it is meant to come off the spool the same way. When a stack-wound spool is unwound horizontally, an extra twist gets added to the thread with each revolution.

Most cones are cross-wound and should unwind from bottom to top. If a cone is unwound horizontally, extra tension and drag on the thread increases the likelihood of breakage and bad stitches.

Several pin positions on the Superior Thread Holder allow ease of use for all varieties

Position Matters

For machines on a flat surface, place theSuperior Thread Holder to the right of your machine.

For sewing machines set down in a cabinet or table, place the Thread Holder behind your machine. The thread arm stands straight up when used at the side of the machine or tilted more horizontally to align with the thread path when positioned behind the machine.

Pins can be moved easily depending upon the type of thread you are using. There is even a bobbin pin adapter.

Thread Stand Advantages

In addition to better stitching and less thread breaks, there are other factors that make thread stands a great investment.

Great for Metallic Threads

Thread stands allow finicky threads, like metallics, to relax before they enter the machine.

Cones Equal Better Savings

Buying in bulk usually saves you money. In the case of Superior Threads’ Magnifico, a 40 wt. trilobal polyester, a 3,000-yard cone provides six times the amount of thread on the 500-yard spool but only costs twice as much.

Ideal for Winding Your Own Bobbins

If you wind your own bobbins, you definitely will want to purchase the larger cones of thread to save money.

Quality Product

This stand, in particular, is very sturdy and does not easily tip over. Cone and bobbin adapters, as well as multiple pin positions, make it extremely versatile. It also disassembles to smaller pieces making it easy to store and transport.

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  1. I have never heard about different threads being wound different ways. How do you tell which thread is wound which way? Maybe you could do a lesson on threads.

  2. Great idea, Elizabeth! Manufacturers all have their own production methods. Unless they specify it, it is hard to know. Sometimes, just switching the orientation of the thread spool helps. That is what is nice about the thread stand. It doesn’t matter how the thread is wound. Using a thread stand eliminates twisting problems.

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