Products That Work: Best Press Starch Alternative

There are lots of products out there that look and sound wonderful but do they really work? In this series, I’ll show you some of my favorites and, yes, they really, really work!

I only promote products that I love and I do not benefit from such promotion. I am merely sharing experiences with items that have worked well for me. Today’s product is Mary Ellen’s Best Press. It is a starch alternative that you can find at many fabric and craft stores.

Why a Starch Alternative?

Fabrics should be pressed before embroidery. That helps keep your design registration true and is especially helpful when embroidering nice, flat applique.

Nice, crisp fabric also means more accurate piecing, as in stitching quilt blocks, crazy quilt patchwork, or other in-the-hoop projects.

Why Best Press is a Great Product

  • Starch can leave a film and sometimes flakes, when it dries. Best Press does not leave any residue so it won’t yellow and will not attract bugs.
  • It eliminates fabric fold marks better than anything else I’ve tried.
  • Fabric is crisp but not firm and retains a soft hand.
  • The sprayer does not clog. Several wonderful scents make ironing and pressing actually enjoyable. There is also a scent-free option.

Overall, I really like using Best Press. It gives my sewing and embroidery projects a more polished finish.

What are some of your favorite pressing products?

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