Poinsettia Tea Lights

These gorgeous Poinsettia Tea Lights by Mar Lena Embroidery will be perfect additions to your holiday table. Position one at each place setting as a take home gift for your guests or use them as decorations on the tree or in a wreath.

Start by hooping a fabric type water soluble stabilizer. Float two layers of organza on top and baste them to the stabilizer.

Stitch out the petals, then hoop more stabilizer and stitch out the leaves.

When petals and leaves are stitched, carefully trim away organza and stabilizer close to the stitching.

You can also use a stencil burning tool to remove organza. If so, make sure to use a thread other than nylon as it will melt.

Clip away organza inside the middle circles of each piece. Soak away excess water soluble stabilizer and lay pieces flat to dry.

The instructions said to align layers and stitch them together by hand or in the hoop. I found that they were snug enough on the tea light “flame” that I did not need to glue or sew them.

Assemble, light, and let your guests be amazed!