Perfect Placement When Stitching Multiple Designs

See how a thumbtack is your best friend when stitching multiple-hooped designs.

Ideally, motif placement stitches on your stabilizer can be lined up with fabric alignment marks using a light box. They can also be easily aligned using a flat-head thumbtack.

This is a very useful trick my friend Marjorie of Blue Feather Quilt Studio taught me. I previously showed you how to use thumbtacks with basting boxes to align sections of embroidery here.

A second method of lining up embroideries, particularly on a project that requires multiple hoopings, is to anchor the stabilizer with flat-head thumbtacks.

After motif placement stitches are embroidered on the stabilizer, remove the hoop from the machine.

Carefully push thumbtacks through the stabilizer from the back at the center point of each hourglass, being careful to not stretch the stabilizer.

Flip the hoop over and each of the hourglass motif alignment stitches will have a thumbtack anchor.

Place the base fabric onto one thumbtack at a time, pushing the center point of each motif alignment mark on the fabric over the sharp point of the thumbtack. Smooth the base fabric in place on the adhesive stabilizer.

Carefully remove the thumbtacks. Hold the hooped fabric up to a light source and make sure the motif alignment marks on the fabric line up with the motif alignment stitches on the stabilizer. If so, it’s ready to embroider!