Paper Embroidery

Paper appliqué is the same as fabric appliqué!

1. Use the same thread for the first three sequences. Sew the first sequence (the outline of the appliqué). This sequence tells you where to put the appliqué material.

2. Place your appliqué material (paper or fabric) over the outline. You may want to adhere this piece with double-sided tape or fabric adhesive. I like to just hold this piece in place until the first few stitches are sewn.

3. Sew the second sequence (same as the first sequence). This sequence tacks the appliqué material down.

4. Remove the hoop, and cut away the fabric or paper close to the sewn guideline. When using paper as the appliqué material, cut the paper away using an X-Acto knife or other sharp blade. Press hard enough to cut the top layer, but not the bottom layer! If you do cut through to the bottom layer, it will be covered by the stitching.

5. Place the hoop back into your machine and sew the third sequence. This sequence finishes the appliqué. Continue sewing the rest of the design.

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Author: Secrets of Embroidery