HV Iris 600 & VIP Queries

I own a Husqvarna Viking Iris 600 and a VIP Customizing Embroidery System. BUT my computer runs on Windows Vista. What is the best option for me? I considered switching my operating system to XP, but my laptop doesn’t have a port for the dongle. Additionally, I’d prefer to keep the VIP Customizing because I have Crown Plus Collection CD-ROM (part #756 200100) that I’d like to be able to use with it. (I’m not sure it would be compatible with other embroidery systems.)

Another question: the ready-to-go embroidery cards, which I plug directly into my machine, seem to work fine, at least electronically. But today when I tried out one of the designs, the stitching started out fine but then started to get sloppy and the needle seemed to get stuck in one section of the fabric and wouldn’t move on. The tension and stitch length were all set to normal. When I took it off the machine, I noticed the fabric wasn’t taut on the hoop. It seems it had loosened the fabric as it stitched. How do you combat this?



Hi Janie,

If you want to keep the VIP software you are going to need to run XP. What some people do is to divide the drive and have both operating systems running on it. But this does take up a lot of space. I would suggest you get a cheap laptop and have XP installed on that. Dongel ports are an issue as the old ones do not exist anymore. I would suggest that you get an Ultimate Box and use this instead of the reader writer. This comes with it’s own software that is compatible with any designs.

It sounds like either the fabric moved in the hoop or the stitch density or needle caused the fabric to move. I would try a new needle preferably a topstitch or titanium embroidery needle and redo the design with a good stabilizer and making sure that the hoop is nice and tight. If the design is very dense it can cause problems and may need added stabilizer to help it to stitch out correctly.

You can purchase a product called “Hoop ease” to give added grip but I just make one out of the non slip fabric to go under rugs.

Kind regards,

Carolyn Duncan

Splitting Big Designs in PE Design Lite

Hello, I have a Brother Innov 950 and use PE-Design Lite. Is there a possibility to split big (5×7) patterns in 4×4? Can you explain it me please? I use patterns in pes.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Wil,

PE Design Lite does not have a splitting command in the program. The program is a very basic program and only allows color changes, changes to the sewing order etc. You can open designs, add text to them, import further elements (if they fit in your hoop) and then save them into one file and stitch them. However you cannot split designs that are 5×7 so that they fit into your 4×4 hoop, I am sorry.

If you wished to use a 5×7 design in your 4×4 hoop you would need to get the designer that created the design that you wish to use, to split it for you and send you the design in parts. I am sorry to give you such bad news.

Have you ever consider the Embird program? This program is inexpensive compared to other embroidery software and would allow you to split the designs for your machine. Embird is available for a 30 day or 100 uses (whichever comes first) free trial and is available for download from Secrets of Embroidery. It’s a wonderful program and once you have learnt it you’ll be amazed at how much the program can do. I think it would be the perfect answer for you and your embroidery.

I hope that helps.

Carolyn Keber

When Can I Resize a Design?

Dear Lodia and others

I am contacting you from South Africa.  I have a Bernina Deco 340 and have recently upgraded my software to V6 Editor.

I am wanting to know please WHEN and WHEN NOT can a design be ‘resized’.  Given that this facility is part and parcel of the embroidery software and built into the machine, I would have thought that it is there to be used within reason of course.

I know that one would not resize FSLace or photostitch designs.  I recently resized by 5% a purchased design from a reputable supplier.  Shortly before the design was fully completed, the machine stopped, showed the ‘end of design, raise pressure foot’ command.  But the design had in fact not been completed in the embroidery mode.

I contacted the supplier and they are of the opinion that it is because I ‘modified the design by resizing it and that it has become corrupt’.  They say ‘resizing’ is ‘modifying’.  My interpretation of modifying was to make other changes other than resizing but by effecting changes as are available in ‘object properties’ etc.

If it is indeed a case of corruption having occurred, why did this not manifest itself earlier in the design?  That stitched out well and it was a design that took around an hour to embroider.  If I correctly recall it was a Grade D design.

I would sincerely like to know from you, the experts, what the position with resizing is.

Yours sincerely

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your enquiry about resizing a design. The resizing is also classified under modifying, editing or customizing. There are several reasons why a design my not resize correctly and can indeed become corrupted. I usually specify in my copyright and info letter that accompanies my sets that I cannot take responsibility for the quality if any of my designs are resized, mirrored or changed in any way with any software.

Digitisers use different techniques to digitise a design. Sometimes it is a standard technique that we all use, but most of the time it will be a technique that is specific to that digitiser. A good example of a specific technique is the free standing lace that you mention. The moment a design that was digitised with a specific technique is changed in any way the software ‘re-digitises’ it, so to speak.

Using the Bernina software you will be able to modify a design reasonably successfully if the design is a true ART design, that is a grade A. You will see a little red heart as well. But even with the grade A designs, you will have problems modifying a design if it was digitised with special techniques. The design will then also stitch out with jumps that should not be there and so forth.

When I do my digitising sessions at dealers, it is one of the first things I tell my students, do not change a design in any way unless you know it was not digitised with special techniques. Any other grade design, such as grade D, WILL NOT modify successfully at all. It may not manifest itself earlier in the design when stitching the design. It depends on where the corruption has taken place in the actual design.

If you want to change a design, my suggestion would be to contact the digitiser first, ask her if it would be possible to resize a design yourself or if she could do it for you. I am sure that most digitisers will do this for you. I certainly would do it for my customers rather than them being dissatisfied with my designs.

I hope this answered you query.

Just as a matter of interest, I do have a series of tutorials on the Secrets of Embroidery website that deals with all aspects of customizing (or modifying as you mentioned). They are called Start at Basics.

Kind regards
Lodia Da Silva
Digitizer & Author of Bernina Artista Tutorials

4D Sketch on Windows 7

I am attempting to install Husqvarna 4D sketch. I have a new computer with Windows 7 and am trying to install it using the 5D Embroidery system dongle. I have read that you can’t install 4D sketch using windows 7 without segmenting the hard drive. Unfortunately this is not possible. Is there talk of a 5D sketch or some other way it is possible to install the 4D option? Thank you so much for your informative blog.


It is not the platform that is the issue.

I have converted to windows 7 and can run both my 4D and 5D off the 5D dongle. My 4D Sketch was initially the stand alone module as it was not available when I first purchased my 4D Pro package.  I installed the 4D embroidery on Windows 7 and then the 5D embroidery software the 5D dongle runs both. It may be ok because I have the full Professional package of both 4D and 5D.

There are updates for the 4D system available on the viking site for windows 7. You need to have 4D embroidery updated to the 8.3 version to install the 8.31 Update

If you have 4D Embroidery installed you will be able to access this from the registration page. If you download this you may be able to run the 4D Sketch from the 5D dongle.


4D Embroidery System 8.31 Update

Installs a new dongle driver and minor fixes for Windows 7

Requires your system to have already been updated to version 8.3 before installation.


The  various packages available are on the Husqvarna Viking website. 

Hope this helps,

Carolyn Duncan