Organizing Ideas: Stabilizers

Stabilizers are a necessary component of every embroidery project. With so many types of stabilizers on the market, how do you organize them? Here are some great ideas to keep your stabilizer supply in check.

Stabilizer Keeper

This adorable Embroidery Stabilizer Keeper pattern shows you how to make this hanging organizer using pretty fabric, a dowel rod, and clear vinyl for pockets. Add labels and hang. Although it could easily hang on the back of a door, it is too pretty to keep out of sight!

Shoe Keeper

If you don’t want to make a vinyl stabilizer organizer, this is the next best thing. Originally intended for shoes, this vinyl shoe organizer allows stabilizers to be visible while protecting them from dust.

Towel Rack

Sometimes, the most simple of things work the best. Towel hangers like this one are ideal for keeping stabilizers in plain view, at arm’s length.

Framed Roll Storage

Originally intended for housing rolls of vinyl, the same concept can be used to organize rolls of the stabilizers you use most often. Honeybear Lane shows you how to make it here using dowel rods, screw-in hooks, and a repurposed frame.

Wine/Beverage Rack

The Domestic Diva uses a soda or wine rack to keep her stabilizers organized. It’s a great space saver too.

She also marks the inside of the cardboard tube with the stabilizer name/type and inserts the rolled up directions inside the tube.

Paper Towel Holder

I have a couple wooden paper towel holders that I use to store stabilizer. Not only are they pretty, they both have porcelain drawers to store threads and other embroidery supplies.

How do you store your stabilizers?

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7 thoughts on “Organizing Ideas: Stabilizers”

  1. Good afternoon,
    I like the ideas of storing your stabilizers. My dinning room is my sewing room/embroidery studio and not a very large one at that. As a Christmas present I treated myself to a 12 needle embroidery machine who is in the dinning room leaving me with less space. So ideas like that of storing your stabilizers look good to me.

  2. My husband fixed a neat way. He put two boards together in an L shape. Then he screwed dowels to the back board. They stick out and I can slip a rollof stabilizer on the dowel. He made some long ones and some shorter ones to hold the various sizes of rolls. I also use the snap bands with the names of the type of stabilizer. You just wrap them around the roll and then you can tell quickly and easily what type it is. Works great for me.

  3. My daughter and I are setting up for an embroidery shop on Etsy. We needed a way to store 20-40″ wide rolls of stabilizer and came up with a 4-roll paper holder from a restaurant supply house called Works great and mounts to the wall inside the closet. You can get a 3-roll version as well.
    We’re mounting the holders closer together and adding an extra single to maximize the storage.

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