Novelty Fabrics Make the Landscape

The perfect fabric speaks volumes in applique machine embroidery.

One of the reasons that I love the machine embroidery applique technique is that fabrics give you so many options for creativity. Especially novelty or theme fabrics.

Take, for example, this panel from the Summer Folk Art Scene from Anandas Divine Designs. You can use whatever fabric you like for the appliques – a solid shade of blue for the sky or brown for the walkway. What makes a real difference between “nice” and “wow!” is using a novelty print.

1 Sky

A realistic cloudy sky adds so much interest and depth to the embroidery.

2 Tone-on-Tone

Vary the shades and textures of the grass fabrics. The colors complement each other but a slight change in tone and pattern.

3 Buildings

The subtle print of the house imitates stone without saying STONE. The roof has embroidery for detail but a marbeled blue fabric give shading much like you would see in real life.

4 Stone

This walkway could have been created with a simple tone-on-tone but by using the stone novelty fabric, the path looks like a path. The key to using novelty fabrics is proportion. If these stones were larger, they would not look realistic. The size is proportionate to the landscape.

5 Vegetation

Depending on how the design is digitized, variegated thread can be used like a feathered paintbrush. Several shades blend together to produce a bush that is much more interesting than if stitched in a single color.

6 Bark

This is another great example of how using novelty fabrics really add impact to the project.

7 Borders

With freestanding applique, pieces are joined with satin stitching. Often, variegated thread turns out looking like it is striped. Here, it works because the thread colors blend nicely with grass colors.

Start adding novelty fabric and blenders to your fabric stash and make your landscapes come alive!