Monogram Wedding Candles

Wedding season is rapidly approaching. When you make the happy couple an elegant (and easy) monogrammed candle, you will take their breath away!

It starts with a classy design, the Fancy Block Font by Stitch Delight. Actually, you can do this with any applique font that has satin stitching for the edging.

The candle is battery operated and thread colors can match home décor or wedding theme.

Hoop two layers of a fabric type water soluble stabilizer.  Spray temporary adhesive between two layers of organza in a color that matches the color of the candle. Spray the back of the layered organza and finger press it onto the stabilizer.

Load the font on your machine and run a basting stitch to hold all layers in place. Be sure to use the same color of thread in the bobbin as that with which you are stitching.

When embroidery is finished, clip away excess water soluble stabilizer. Rinse the monogram to remove the rest of the stabilizer and lay it flat to dry.

When dry, trim the organza close to satin stitches. Do not worry if some of the organza stays in the design. If it matches the candle color, it will not be noticed.

Smooth tacky glue on the back of the monogram and hold it in place on the candle. When it stays flat, let it dry completely.

Add batteries, and you have a wonderful gift for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions!