Mom is the Thread That Binds Us!

What can you possibly get for the person who means everything? Make it!

I am blessed to be the daughter of a woman who is perhaps the greatest example of selfless love and undying devotion that I have ever seen. She is also my role model and, now that I am grown, my very best friend.

I actually made this project for my Mom as a Christmas gift, but it would be suitable for any time of year, especially Mothers’s Day. You can stitch it up using your stash on hand.

Crazy Quilt Hearts 1 from Molly Mine provided the gorgeous centerpiece to this sentiment. I stitched it on a linen blend backed with ShapeFlex 101 interfacing.

The text was added around the outside using design editing software and you can download it for free right here. The text works with the 4×4 heart. Choose fabrics and treads to match the recipient. Pop it in a frame when it’s done and it can displayed all year long!