Mixing and Matching Fonts: Fun with Capital Letters

Embellished fonts are not just for monograms. I’ll show you how you can mix and match fonts for fun embroidery projects.

Whether it is a single-letter monogram or a three-letter monogram, capital letters work well. Because they are often very decorative, these fonts can also be combined with plain fonts to create interesting words. Keep it simple, using just one or two different fonts together.

All Caps or Lowercase?

Sometimes, words using all capital letters can look a bit angry. The Halloween Ghost Alphabet H from One by One Embroidery looks great offset with both uppercase and lowercase letters. 


With detailed fonts like Heirloom Rose Alphabets from One by One Embroidery, use clean fonts like  these.

Same with heavy fonts like Crystal Butterfly Monograms from One By One Embroidery.

Cutwork fonts are gorgeous but spelling out the entire name in capital cutwork letters would be overkill. Instead, use the first letter for impact and add clean fonts for the remainder of the word. La Broderie Cutwork Monograms from Enigma Embroidery is quite elegant and balanced.

Play on Words

A single letter can steal the show, especially when you add a play on words. The adorable sheep in Country Alphabet from One by One Embroidery adds the perfect punchline to this word art.

Very Merry

Experiment with different font combinations. Christmas Alphabet from One by One Embroidery gets a completely different look depending upon whether companion fonts are uppercase, lowercase, or script.

The possibilities are almost endless! How do you combine fonts?

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