Mastering Multi-Hooping: A Mothers Day Project

Stitching several designs to create one is not difficult if you use templates!

The idea of multi-hooping can bring feelings of dread to even the most experienced machine embroiderers. It really is not difficult to do and may be necessary if you are limited by a smaller hoop size.

We have already shown you how easy it is to create applique templates. Creating design positioning templates is relatively easy and can be done with basic embroidery design editing software. Often, depending on the digitizer, PDF templates are provided with the embroidery designs. Either way, when you print out a template of your design. Make sure it prints at 100%, not “print to fit.”

Creating the Templates

The Mother design from Stitch Delight contains five different designs that can be stitched in either 4×4 or 5×7 hoops. Print out each design template using design editing software like Embird or Embrilliance. Make sure to include crosshairs and print at 100 percent or actual size.

Trim each piece close to the edges. The idea is to use them to position your designs exactly where you wat them on the fabric.

Measure carefully and mark your fabric where the design crosshairs line up

Embroidering the Design

You can use quilting cottons but Stitch Delight has achieved some gorgeous quilting using scuba fabric. Start with the background quilting.

The 4×4 designs were used for this tutorial. You will see that crosshairs are marked on the background block template.

The design information sheet shows that the largest designs are just under four inches wide. To allow enough area for framing, stitch the project background two blocks wide by four blocks tall (eight total blocks).

Cut your fabric slightly larger than what you need and mark centering crosshairs. Position the block templates on your fabric and mark crosshairs on the fabric for each block. That way, you will know where to position it in the hoop.

Mark centering crosshairs on your hooped stabilizer and line up markings on the fabric to the stabilizer. Secure in place with temporary adhesive or pins (outside of the embroidery field).

When the background is stitched, mark a vertical centering line. Using the remaining four templates, layout the panel and secure the templates in place. Mark crosshairs of each templates on your background fabric.

Stitch each design in succession, matching the crosshairs on the fabric to the crosshairs on the hooped stabilizer.

When finished, press and frame for a lovely keepsake for the most essential workers of all.