Making Mug Rugs Slip-Resistant and Water-Proof

Mug rugs make wonderful gifts that people will actually use. I’ll show you a few easy ways you can make them even better!

One of the wonderful reasons to follow the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group is because you can learn some ingenious tips. This one comes from member Linda Gudge who shared her method of making mug rugs less slippery.

Linda made the ITH Puppy Mug Rugs from Embroidery Weekly and added a layer of rubber backing to her mug rugs. That gives them some grip and keeps them from slipping and sliding all over the place. Rubber shelf liner would work well.

How to Add Backings to Mug Rugs and Coasters

Adding a rubber back is really pretty easy to do since these projects are created in the hoop. Both are typically either joined together in the hoop and then turned or created as freestanding applique with satin stitched edges.

Depending upon how the piece is finished, add rubber backing right before you stitch the final back fabric and turn the item right side out or before tacking down the backing fabric and sewing final satin stitches.

Other additions you can make to mug rugs and coasters:

Use Insul-Bright instead of regular batting/wadding. In addition to loft like batting, it also adds a bit of heat protection. That can be helpful with hot mugs of soup and beverages.

Add a layer of vinyl or flannel-backed vinyl between the stitched mug rug or coaster and the backing fabric. You can purchase that by the yard and cut into smaller pieces.

Another way to protect surfaces of your food and beverage mats is to add a layer of clear Pellon Vinyl Fuse to the back or front fabric. It has a removable paper backing and pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy application. It is also good for things like cosmetic bags and swimming totes or diaper bags.

You should probably hand wash and line dry these items, just to preserve the integrity of the vinyl or rubber, but they will have an added bonus of keeping items secure and surfaces protected.

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4 thoughts on “Making Mug Rugs Slip-Resistant and Water-Proof”

  1. Sounds like a great idea, but having a problem visualizing putting rubber backing and turning. Will have to experiment. Love mug rugs and love giving them as gifts. Thanks for this great information.

  2. The suggestions are fabulous. Can you put the rubber backing on before the back. Well, I guess not, for that wouldn’t make them slip proof.

  3. I would use the backing just as if it were the backing fabric, Diane. There are some rubber liners that are constructed with an open weave. That would show through to the batting/wadding so I would add a layer of fabric behind the open-weave backing before attaching it to the rest of the mug rug.

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