Make it In the Hoop: Freestanding Lace Projects

Freestanding lace is so beautiful and easy to stitch in the hoop. Impress your friends and family with these FSL projects. They might not believe that you made them!

There are so many options for freestanding lace, everything from 3D ornaments to tiny jewelry. All you need is an embroidery design digitized for FSL and you are good to go. Need a refresher? This tutorial will help.

Flat Lace

In its purest form, FSL is stitched out on water-soluble stabilizer. Once rinsed, you are left with gorgeous embroidery like the FSL Chapel from Art Embroidery. Not all lace is white, which means you can change the flower colors from spring to winter Poinsettias.

Flat lace can glued or stitched to clothing and even shoes, like pieces of Enchanting Lace from Into Embroidery.

If you love heirloom embroidery, the gorgeous Mini FSL Wing Needle Continuous Lace set from Embroidery Weekly has a lot of possibilities.

3D Lace

Since it stands on its own, freestanding lace designs can become Candle Shades from Mar Lena Embroidery or even miniature Bird Cages from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery.  

You may need to tack pieces in place but, other than that, there is virtually no finish work. Just stitch, rinse, dry, and assemble.

The FSL Giant Butterfly from Stitch Delight would be a lovely addition to a pillow, wall hanging, or bouquet.

FSL Doilies

An entire doily, like the Colored Waratah Doily from All Stitches n Paint, can be stitched right in the hoop. Added color stops allow you to change up the color scheme or, you could stitch the entire doily in one color if you like.

Alinaline combines FSL edges with cross stitch in the FSL Cross Stitch Daisy topper.

Lace Edging

Freestanding lace can be added, or stitched directly to, the edge of fabric to create beautiful table accents like Lace Flower Trimmings from Enigma Embroidery.

Francesca, from Embroidered Necessity, combines cutwork with FSL, attaching the edging to fabric as you stitch.

If you want to start out small, try Petite Lace Corners from Embroidery Weekly. You can easily add them to napkins, towels, or other table linens.


Even the most tiny jewelry pieces can be stitched in the hoop, like these FSL Earrings and Pendants from Ace Points Embroidery.

What is your favorite type of FSL project to make?