Machine Stitching With a Vintage Look

Do you like the look of hand embroidery but do not embroider by hand? Your machine makes it happen!

Redwork is a traditional vintage style that many stitchers first learn. The nostalgia is perhaps just as much of a selling point as the actual embroidery. It is something that our mothers and grandmothers shared and has a special place in our hearts. Fortunately, our modern embroidery machines can make some linework designs look just like hand embroidery.

Use a Heavier Thread

Rather than using regular machine embroidery thread (40 wt.), try a heavier 12 wt. thread. The smaller the number, the thicker the thread. A heavier thread will look more like hand embroidery floss.

Stitch with Cotton

Rayon, polyester, and silk threads are beautiful, mainly because of their shine. Early hand embroidery floss was made of cotton, which has a flat, matte appearance. A 90/14 needle, or larger, will also mimic hand embroidery.

Pick a Vintage Design

Single-color outline designs, like Redwork Flowers 5 from Dainty Stitches, are ideal choices for simulating hand embroidery by machine.

Some linework adds color, like the Multiline Teatime from Designs by Petro and

Vintage Garden Time from Ace Points Embroidery. All of the designs mentioned here are part of the 70% off Pop-up Store sale this week.

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