Machine Embroidery Trivia

Want to test your knowledge of machine embroidery techniques? This fun bit of trivia might surprise you!

Is this design from Enigma Embroidery an example of cutwork, applique, or cutwork and applique?

Would you use tear-away, cut-away, or water-soluble stabilizer in your hoop when stitching this design?

What types of machine embroidery stitching does the design contain: Satin stitches, fill stitches, satin and fill stitches?

The design is actually a combination of both cutwork and applique. The two techniques are quite similar. One technique takes away fabric while the other adds it.

After placement stitches, open areas are cut away inside the stitch lines to create cutwork. For applique, another fabric is added over the placement stitches and tacked down before being cut away outside the stitch lines.

Satin stitching around the edges of the design is also indicative of both cutwork and applique. In cutwork, satin stitches bind the cut fabric to keep edges from unraveling. Satin stitching also encloses edges of the cut applique fabric while securing it to the base fabric.

How did you do?

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