Lovely Lace in the Hoop

Doilies dress up any area and these beauties can be stitched right in the hoop!

Love the look of lace but cannot crochet? You are in luck if you have an embroidery machine.

Paula Blofield, a new member of the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group, kindly shared two doily projects that she made and they are quite stunning.

The Floral Lace Doily from All Stiches n Paint is created as freestanding lace around the outside.

The outer lace is stitched six times before adding the fabric center and the colorful floral embroidery as well as tacking lace pieces to each other to finish it all off.

The Floral Lace Table Runner, also from All Stiches n Paint, is made from stitching three sections of end lace for the curve.

Add straight side lace designs, as many as you like, for a table runner long as you wish. Like the Floral Lace Doily, the center fabric and decorative floral stitching is added last along the length of the piece.

This would be a great project for these times of quarantine. You could stitch all of the lace components and, even if you did not assemble them now, they could be finished at a later date.