Freestanding Lace Star Ornament

Christmas in July means it’s never too soon to start making gifts. This project is stitched in freestanding lace and makes a gorgeous addition to the tree.

How to Stitch Freestanding Lace

Freestanding lace is digitized in such a way that it stays together without having to be stitched on a fabric base. A heavy film-type water-soluble stabilizer is used in the hoop. After embroidery, most of the stabilizer is cut away and the rest is dissolved in water.

What’s left is lace that can be made into everything from charms and edging to doilies and runners.

Embroidering the Ornament

Load the FSL Snowflakes design by Oma’s Place on your machine.

Start by hooping a layer of water-soluble film. Load the same thread in the bobbin because the stitching will show on both sides.

Many freestanding lace (FSL) designs are rather stitch heavy and need additional support. Add an extra layer or two of film-type water-soluble stabilizer to the stabilizer in the hoop.

Scraps work well for this. Apply temporary adhesive spray to the back of the extra stabilizer and just cover the area of the stitching.

Stitch the design.

The design can be stitched in all one color or has the option of a different color for the center of the design. I opted to make mine white with a red motif in the middle.

Once embroidery is finished, remove everything from the hoop.

Carefully trim away stabilizer close to the design.

Rinse the embroidery to remove the rest of the water-soluble stabilizer. Blot it with a paper towel to remove excess water and let it dry flat. Attach a hanger to make an ornament or a gift tag.