Lace and Fabric Stiffener from Water-soluble Stabilizer Scraps

Freestanding lace looking a little limp? This recipe is just what you need!

Does your ghost or other freestanding lace (FSL) projects look like they melted? You can use spray starch or other fabric stiffeners (Best Press, Terrial Magic) to liven them up. You can also use scraps of leftover water-soluble stabilizer (WSS) to make your own!

Sulky has a great recipe for making your own fabric stiffener from leftover WSS, distilled water, and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is an option but eliminates having to refrigerate the mixture and makes it last longer.

Some people add a few drops of essential oils for a bit of fragrance. Once everything is mixed, add to a spray bottle.

Any WSS scraps should work, including machine embroidery toppers. Chop them up into small pieces using scissors or a rotary cutter and store them in a zip bag or air-tight container until needed.

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Lace may get dirty and will need washed at some point in time. Get tips on washing and reshaping FSL here.

Using this stiffener on fabrics makes for more accurate hooping which produces professional-quality embroidery with less wrinkles.