Knot Your Ordinary Quilt: Celtic Charm

Looking for quilt blocks with Irish charm and strong symbolism? Go Celtic!

Celtic knots have extraordinary symbolic meanings. With no start or finish, the continuous knot is said to represent eternity as it refers to loyalty, faith, love or friendship. That makes Celtic designs perfect for quilts, pillows, table runners and wall hangings. They make an especially lovely wedding gift.

Celtic Knotwork 1 from Graceful Embroidery features the intricate stitches as a strong accent feature. They would work well to emphasize a beautiful fabric design. Consider stitching them in metallic threads.

Celtic Scrolls from Hatched in Africa is another design that would accent fabric or combine for an intricate stand-alone block.

The set includes redwork outlines suitable for quilting blocks as well.

Even the most intricate quilting designs can be quilted in the hoop rather quickly, such as Celtic Outlines 2 from Kreative Kiwi. Consider using variegated thread for subtle contrast. It is a great way to use plain cotton fabrics that look anything but ordinary.

To emphasize the embroidery, Celtic Grace Signature from Graceful Embroidery added beautiful florals for a touch of elegance.

The Celtic Roses Quit from Ace Points Embroidery combines lovely embroidery with outline quilting stitches. Just add sashing if you like and stitch blocks together with no need for additional quilting.

For even more elegance with little extra effort, try Celtic Wing Needle Quilt Blocks from Embroidery Weekly. These designs combine the best of Irish charm with lacework, Celtic accents, and pretty florals.

If you are not sure how many blocks you will need to create certain size quilts, use this reference for free downloads!