How to Keep Your Freestanding Embroidery Crisp

Want to being life to your freestanding lace and applique designs? This little tip will help!

This pretty Butterfly Needle Book from Louisa Meyer Originals could not be cuter. It is stitched in the freestanding applique technique

The book opens from the center. A beautiful organza butterfly sits on the satin scrolly front, covering the Velcro closures. On the inside, it has a pretty layered organza flower with a stuffed center that can be used as a pincushion. There is a pocket for small scissors and layers of felt petals to hold anything from hand needles to pins.

The sides of the front cover are trimmed with freestanding scrolls and leaves and there is a flower layer on the back, too. Sew very cute!

Now for the tip! When stitching lace or freestanding items on sheer fabrics, what is the key to keeping the wings and petals nice and crisp? It is all about how much of the water-soluble stabilizer that you rinse away. By not totally removing the water-soluble stabilizer, the piece will keep a stiffer shape. If the piece dries and is too stiff, you can always rinse again.

Often, after time, freestanding pieces wilt a bit. You can always perk them up with spray starch or by using a fabric stiffener like Terial Magic. It is a good idea to test any product on a scrap of similar fabric to see how it looks when it dries.