How Often Should You Service Your Embroidery Machine?

When was the last time your embroidery machine had a wellness checkup? Do not wait too long!

The COVID pandemic gave many of us extra stitching time on our machines. Before the upcoming annual holiday gift-stitching marathon begins, make sure your machine has had a cleaning at the very least.

Manufacturers have different guidelines on machine service as it applies to warranty. Some may be 18 months. Others may be according to stitching hours. Mine is every year. Make sure that you know what your warranty requires and maintain that schedule. Otherwise, the manufacturer may not honor repair issues with your machine.

Getting Your Machine Serviced

Make an appointment now as some dealers may have reduced hours or limited technician scheduling. Check to see if they offer curb-side drop off and pick up. Make sure that you ask about back log. Some dealers are experiencing longer-than-usual wait times due to demand as well as difficulty in getting necessary parts.

Heavy use merits annual service. At the very least, with average use, sewing and embroidery machines should be serviced every two or three years.

Your warranty spells out how often you must have your machine serviced by a qualified technician. This is in addition to the usual cleanings that you conduct routinely as regular machine maintenance, like keeping your bobbin area lint-free.

If you have more than one machine, just service one at a time. That way, you still have a machine available for stitching projects. Try to schedule a distant appointment without having to leave the machine now.

Schedule a machine checkup early, so that it will be in great working order when you need it most.