How Does Your Garden Grow? In Lace!

Freestanding lace is beautiful, especially if you stitch lovely garden lace!

If you have never tried freestanding lace, you can not miss this 70% off sale in the Pop-up Store this week.

Lace is so beautiful on wedding dresses and table linens. It is also quite lovely stitched in multiple colors, garden style. These designs can be used as window light catchers, decorative ornaments, gift tags, and book marks.

You can also stitch lace motifs and glue them on cardstock for note cards or popping in a frame.

Send a loved one a bouquet of flowers they can enjoy all year long. FSL Flower Pot from Sweet Heirloom Embroidery would easily slip into a greeting card.

FSL Floral Baskets 2 from Ace Points Embroidery is another great choice for sending blooming sentiments that never wilt.

Lace Drops from Creative Design combines delicate embroidery within a lace-edged frame.

How about a beautiful FSL Spring Butterfly also from Ace Points Embroidery. Delicate wings are stitched with floral accents.

Flower gardens attract humming birds and the FSL 2 Hummingbirds from Ace Points Embroidery looks right at home.

If freestanding lace is new to you, or you would like a refresher, check out this tutorial on Fundamental Freestanding Lace.