Heirloom Embroidery: Floral Style

Heirloom embroidery is beautiful, extremely nostalgic, and quite easy to stitch!

My love of heirloom embroidery was the reason I bought my first embroidery machine. With so many beautifully digitized designs, there is no shortage of project ideas.

Rachel Kathryn Bridal 5 from Graceful Embroidery exemplifies heirloom style. From stitching on silk dupioni to the delicate outlines and detailed florals, this design set exudes Victorian charm.

Enigma Embroidery combines embroidery on delicate applique netting windows as well as freestanding lace edging in Soft Touch. Get a freestanding lace tutorial here.

Cutwork is an old-time favorite of many heirloom pieces. Floral Cutwork from Wind Bell Embroidery could not be easier to stitch. See how it is done here.

Butterflies, birds, and insects are often featured in heirloom embroidery like Dainty Flowers 50 from Stitch Delight.

Original handwork was typically done in a single color, like Flowers on My Pillow from Odiles Corner.

Add a little bit of color with Jacobean flair with Rippled Bloom from Ace Points Embroidery. Delicate designs such as this look quite lovely stitched on antique linens. You can make the back look pretty by using the same thread color in the bobbin.

Perhaps nothing is more heirloom than smocking. Smock Motif 1 from Dainty Stitches is perfect for stitching on top of pre-pleated material.

Read some of our other blogs for tips on choosing vintage threads to use and how to get realistic heirloom results.

Graceful Embroidery offers a great Heirloom Embroidery Tutorial as well as

the Graceful Silk Sampler Tutorial. All of the designs featured here are part of the 70% off Pop-up Store sale this week!