Haunted Halloween Village

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Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Diane Roberts Pratt shares her Halloween village streetscape and it is impressive.

Halloween Witch House, Halloween Vampire House, Halloween Ghost House, and Halloween Candy House, all from Ananda’s Divine Designs are each stitched in applique style accented by decorative embroidery. Panels can be assembled in any order you like.

Like most projects, color plays an important role. The buildings use mainly neutral tones, greys and blacks, that fit into the haunted Halloween theme. They work so well because, even though the shades are similar, there is definition between the buildings.

The fabrics are perfect, mainly tone-on-tone. They make the buildings look more authentic and let the detailed embroidery stand out. Orange pumpkins, white ghosts, and signs in shades of yellow and purple add just enough interest to break up the neutrals.

I love the sky. Its shades elicit a cloudy but moonlit night. Had the fabric been darker, an enormous amount of detail would be lost.

Finally, the frame finishes everything off and stays in character. Another wonderful project, Diane!

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