Getting Extra Fine Lines in Embroidery

Are your linework, redwork, or quilting designs a bit too bold? Try these tips to make them fine!

Sometimes you see an embroidery design but the thread stands out a bit too much. Maybe the stitches are brighter than you prefer, or they may be not quite as delicate as what you want. Here are a few things that you can try to tone it down a bit.

Use a Fine Thread

Traditional machine embroidery thread is 40 wt. If you want more delicate quilting lines or embroidery, try using a 60 wt. or even 100 wt. thread.

Use a Smaller Needle

The needle size also makes a difference. You want to use the smallest needle you can for the thread and fabric you are using. Typical needle sizes are 90/14 or 80/12. You may want to try a 75/11 or a 70/10. The smaller the number, the smaller the hole that will be made in the fabric.

Adjust Thread Colors

Dark and bold colors will show more contrast, especially on very dark or very light fabrics. If you like the design but the colors are too loud, just use slightly lighter shades of each color for a softer look.

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