Fun With Embroidery: Quilting Fractals

Fractals are never-ending, reoccurring geometric patterns. Because they are continuous, they are perfect for background quilting.

You are probably most familiar with background quilt stippling, like shown here in Heart Quilt Blocks from Mar Lena Embroidery.

A great example of fractal-type background quilting is the Abstract Table Runner, also from Mar Lena Embroidery.

Both of these designs have the fractal quilting built into the embroidery design. What if you want to add such a background to your existing embroidery? Our resident Embird expert, Carolyn Keber, has recently released a new tutorial on Creating Fractals with Embird 2022.

In it, Carolyn shows you how to take an embroidery design and add a geometric background using the newest edition of Embird. Choose a background pattern, adjust stitch distance and size, and assign a color.

Add backgrounds to standard machine embroidery designs as well as applique or use the background quilting as artwork for your quilt block.

The possibilities are endless!