Freestanding Lace Windpump

Freestanding lace is not only beautiful, it can be three-dimensional!

Judy Stricklan McLean, a member of the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group, has permitted me to share her gorgeous freestanding lace project and it is perfect for the Pop-Up Store theme this week. The 3D FSL Windpump from Stitch Delight fits the bill.

The design stitches out in the freestanding lace technique on water-soluble stabilizer. Once each piece has been stitched, just trim away the excess stabilizer and soak or rinse the rest away. Blot with paper towels and lay flat to dry. Photo instructions show you how to glue and zig zag pieces together to create a 3D windmill.

The key is to not rinse away all of the stabilizer. You want just enough stabilizer remaining in the stitches so that the piece dries stiff. Generally, soak or rinse until the water-soluble stabilizer no longer shows in open areas.

Judy said that she spent about four hours on the project. The finishing touch is adding a battery-operated tea light to the base and decorating the piece as desired. You could add lace butterflies and lace flowers, hot-fix crystals, and anything else you desire.

Although Judy said she has only started learning machine embroidery, she is already stitching like a pro! Thanks for sharing, Judy!