Embroidery Trip Around the World

Take a trip around the world without leaving home and discover some extraordinary embroidery.

Grecian Goddess from Anandas Divine Designs

Capture the beauty of ancient Greece in this art-quality design overlooking the sea.

Fatimas Hand from Oriental Embroidery

The palm-shaped amulet is popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. A recognized sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye.

Mamushka Dolls from Stitchbox Creations

These Russian dolls are famous for nesting inside one another from small to large and typically were decorated in bright colors.

Floral Perfumerie Collage from Allstitch

The romance of Paris is evident in this design. Stitch it on a tea-dyed muslin for an antique look.

London Bag from Enchanting Design

This stylish bag is fit for a queen with nostalgic embroidery and a unique flap design.

Celtic Grace Signature Series from Graceful Embroidery

Irish charm is so beautiful in thread. Besides the symbolic meaning, usually unending faith, friendship, or love.

Folkart Placemat from Allstitch

Folk art originates from many locations, each having their own geographic twist. Sometimes, the result is a combination of several styles.

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