Embroidery Project Change Up: Fantastic Fabric!

Sometimes, just changing the fabric makes all the difference.

Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group follower Karen Hitchcock Warren turned a lovely ITH project into one that is stunning.

Sometimes, it is hard to imagine just how your fabrics of choice will look on a project. That is just one of the reasons that it is so helpful to see everyone’s projects on social media.

The Star Cookie Crumb Catcher from Embroidery Weekly is a great project for beginners. It comes in three sizes. Each panel is pieced and quilted entirely in the embroidery hoop, then panels and backing are assembled on a regular sewing machine. Finished sizes are 14, 19.5, and 22 inches depending on the size of hoop used.

The designer’s sample was quite lovely. Panels were pieced in three different tone-on-tone shades of green offset by crisp white.

Karen used a mix of coordinating tone-on-tone fabrics and bright batiks. The colors blended so well that the end result was quite stunning.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with the designer sample. We all have different color preferences. Don’t be afraid to mix up and change fabric colors to make your embroidery projects even more spectacular.