Embroidery Products That Work: Dime Hoop Mat

The dime Hoop Mat is one of those things that makes you wonder where it has been all of your embroidery life.

If you are like me, your least favorite part of machine embroidery is hooping. That is, until now.

This silicone dime Hoop Mat is so useful that you may want to put it on your Christmas list. Not only does it keep your bottom hoop from sliding all around, the printed grid helps you find the center point of any size or brand machine embroidery hoop.

The Hoop Mat measures 23 x 17 inches but rolls up neatly for storage. Although it resembles a cutting mat, it is not a cutting surface.

How to use the dime Hoop Mat:

  • Place the Hoop Mat on a flat surface
  • Center the outer ring (standard hoop) or bottom metal frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the mat’s grid
  • Place stabilizer/fabric over the hoop
  • Insert inner ring (standard hoop) or place magnetic top frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the fabric/stabilizer

There is really nothing to it. You may be amazed how much this product helps you with hooping and centering embroidery projects in the hoop.