Embroidery on Display

Sometimes, a frame is all it takes to turn a beautiful piece of embroidery into a work of art.

Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Diane Roberts Pratt created this gorgeous set of waterfront scenes for her daughter as a birthday gift (lucky girl)!

Diane stitched Coastal Village Houses from Anandas Divine Designs. Normally, each panel would be joined to another. They include an oyster bar, tower house, marina club, and shell museum.

She added the Coastal Dockside extensions to each piece.

Instead of attaching them into one big scene, she kept each panel separate. Each of the four sections was framed so that they could be hung side by side.

Coastal Village Houses is half-off until the end of the month. Coastal Dockside is 70% off this weekend and then half off until the end of the month.

The ensemble is a treasured gift with gallery potential. Nice job, Diane!

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