Embroidering Shimmering Butterflies on Mylar

When you want to catch the shimmer of butterfly wings, mylar is the perfect choice!

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and so much fun to embroider. You can add a bit of sparkle to them just by stitching onto a piece of mylar.

This is not balloon mylar, it is used specifically for sewing and embroidery and can be purchased from many quilt shops. Some embroiderers also use mylar gift wrap found at craft and hobby stores.

Although it comes in several colors, opalescent mylar is particularly versatile for embroidery because it takes on the colors of fabric and thread while providing reflective surfaces that pick up light.

Lay it over the area you are stitching and secure with tape or baste it in place.

Stitch the design and then cut away extra mylar right up to the stitching, just like an applique. Designs with open stitching and patterns, particularly those stitched with a wing needle, work best when used with mylar.

Not just any design will work. Embroidery designs like Mylar Butterflies from Dianas Dezigns are specifically digitized to be used with mylar. Open stitching on the wings allows the mylar to work its magic.

Embroidery mylar is safe to launder, making it a great embellishment for home decor like throws and pillow covers. Mylar Butterflies with Stipple from SewAZ Embroidery includes not only the butterfly designs but also the quilted background. Turn blocks into totes, quilts, or a wall hanging.

Mylar Giant Flutters from Inspiration Mutz are a gorgeous set of butterflies stitched in 7×7 and 8×8 hoops.

Stitch them out and use them as decorations for your home, school, or nursery.

You can also create beautiful clothing. Imagine all of the possibilities!