Embroidering a Quilt? You Need These Free Guides!

These free charts will help you not only figure out quilt sizes, but also how many blocks you need to make.

With all of the fabulous quilt blocks we can now embroider in the hoop, it is easier than ever to make quilts and throws for ourselves and as gifts. I found these great quick reference charts from Threadbare Creations and thought I would share the links.

This quilt size link downloads a chart showing the widths and lengths of seven common quilt sizes from baby to king.

This blocks/layout link tells you how many of a certain sized block that you will need for single, double, and queen quilts using 10 different blocks sizes.

The blocks/layout chart does not take into account any sashings that you may wish to include, so you will have to modify your requirements accordingly. It is also based on the size of the mattress only, so you will need to add borders or make extra blocks if you prefer, to achieve the required drop or overhang.

I am going to use Molly Mine’s new Crazy Baby Blocks as an example since they come in seven different blocks sizes: 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10, and 11×11.

Using the blocks/layout chart for a single/twin size, you would need to stitch 32 of the 10-inch blocks or 50 eight-inch blocks, plus whatever sashing and/or drop/overhang.

Using the quilt size chart lists 48” x 60” as a generous crib quilt size. You can expect to stitch 8 blocks wide by 10 blocks long for a total of 80 blocks (8×6 is 48 but you also have quarter-inch seam allowances that you will lose). For a 12-inch block, you would only need 4 blocks by 6 blocks or 24 total blocks.

Having bigger hoops makes it a bit easier to embroider and construct quilts.