Embroidered Christmas Cards

Want to send Christmas cards that are truly one of a kind and a work of heart? Embroider them!

If you are tired of the same old Christmas cards, you can easily stitch one up! Here are several options for embroidering Christmas cards:

Freestanding Embroidery

Christmas Cheer Cards by Fancy That Designs are gorgeous and most have a satin stitch border. That makes them perfect for creating a freestanding applique that can be glued on cover stock.

Christmas Cards by Stitch Soup are specially designed for 4.5″ x 6″ cards.
Stitch designs on felt, cut them out, and glue them onto the front of folded cards. Blank card and envelope sets can be found at office supply stores and many dollar stores.

Stitching on Paper or Cover Stock

Yes, you can stitch directly on paper! The Christmas Cards set by One by One Embroidery would work well when stitched on a pretty paper stock. There is a great tutorial on on Paper Embroidery from My Fair Lady.

Light designs work particularly well for stitching on handmade paper and card stock. Look for Redwork or outline designs for stitching on this medium.

You could also stitch the design on a heavy fabric and trim around the edges with decorative scissors, then glue on the front of a blank card.

Consider Using Cork

Cork is a wonderful medium for stitching out cards. It feels like leather, but is softer and easier to stitch. There are dozens of colors available. Perhaps best of all, it does not fray so it looks beautiful without any finished edges.

Quilted Cards

These gorgeous, completely in-the-hoop projects by Oma’s Place serve two purposes. One is as a unique quilted card while the other is as a mug rug you can use year after year. Just purchase envelopes.

Imagine all of the creative cards you can stitch!