Embroider a Harvest Cornucopia

Celebrate the season of abundance with a gorgeous cornucopia!

As crappy as the last couple of years have been with this pandemic, we still have so much for which to be thankful. The 3D Fall Harvest Wreath from Anandas Divine Designs is a gorgeous piece that you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving celebration.

Do you know the meaning behind the cornucopia? The horn of plenty symbolizes the abundance of a bountiful harvest and celebrates the appreciation of such blessings. That is why we often display the cornucopia during the season of Thanksgiving.

Originally, the horn was a goat horn from Greek mythology. It evolved into a woven basket horn or hollow gourd holding the fruits of the harvest.

Have your guests all add a piece to the display to commemorate the many blessings this past year has offered. Attach with hot glue, or use Velcro for assembling the pieces in future years.

You can make a wreath or a cornucopia. Each piece is stitched in the freestanding applique technique. A foam-type batting/wadding battilizer is ideal for this type of display as it gives it extra life to each piece.

Pull out your tonal print and batik scraps and have the youngsters help stitch the display. If you use a water-soluble stabilizer in the hoop (for true freestanding applique) it gets trimmed close to the final satin stitching and wipes away with a wet cloth or swab.

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