Dress Up Your Décor with Decorative Pillows

Need a room makeover? It can be as easy as adding a decorative pillow or two.

We are so fortunate that members of the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group are not only talented, they also are generous in sharing their projects. New member Debra Morgan recently shared her first project. The Colorful Applique Cow from Inspiration Mutz was turned into a decorative pillow as a Mother’s Day gift.

Need it for a bedroom, living room, or porch? The applique design can be customized to the colors of your décor and stitched using a variety of fabric scraps that you already have on hand.

Looking for an easy pillow pattern? Check out the one I created as a reading pillow here. Just adjust the sizes to your pillow. You can leave the pocket on, or leave it off if you like.

If you want to dress up an existing pillow, consider stitching on kitchen towel and tacking ends to each other for a pillow wrap.

Either way, be sure to get the Colorful Applique Cow design, now under $5, until the end of the month.