Diamonds are an Embroiderers Best Friend

What is better than a diamond? How about saving nearly $40 on a top-quality embroidery design set!

Five design sets tied for third-place in Diamond Treasure Hunt sets.  

3D Celtic Angel from Graceful Embroidery is a gorgeous combination of lace pieces, in sizes up to 8×12, that can create a flat FSL angel and ornaments or an angel with a full skirt.

It is no wonder that Adorable Teddies from Stitch Empoirum is on this list. A special fur technique makes these teddies look like old favorites.

Christmas Sleigh Appliscape from Anandas Divine Designs turns embroidery in a 6×8 hoop into a nostalgic 1200 mm wide by 450 mm tall holiday scene.

Dorothy Margaret from Graceful Embroidery creates stunning 3D flowers and butterflies that can be applied to, or appliqued on, bridal apparel.

Grandmas Choice Quilt Blocks from Threads of Embroidery features a dozen beautifully quilted blocks in five different sizes.

Kalocsai Floral Folk Set 1 from Stitch Emporium features gorgeous blooms for hoop sizes 4×4 up to 8×8.

In second place, Folk Art Quilt Blocks from Allstitch are big and bold in both stitching and block size. At 8×8 the blocks stand out.

The top design to date is Cat Cushion Stack Multi Hoop from Anandas Divine Designs. You can combine components for a stack of three, six, or nine pillows plus feline sentiments. Use hoop sizes from 5×7 to 7×11 and join designs using alignment stitches.

Keep on hunting until the end of August.

What is the best bargain that you have purchased in this Treasure Hunt?