Why Do Design Colors Differ?

Have you ever opened an embroidery design only to be find that the colors did not look exactly like you thought? How can two of the same designs be different? It comes down to thread libraries.

There are dozens of brands of embroidery threads on the market and every digitizer has their favorite. That means thousands of embroidery designs have been created using a variety of thread brands.

Then add embroidery editing software, like Hatch, to the equation and you can choose a default thread brand and change thread colors in your designs.

To show you what I mean, check out the Bee Happy 06 design, available from One By One Embroidery. Open the JEF and HUS formats of the design in editing software, and the color palette is fairly even.

Open the design in three different thread libraries (these are three name brands), and you can see three different variations in color schemes.

That does not mean these threads are less desirable or accurate. Conversion programs interpret equivalents across the board. When there is no exact match, a substitute is suggested.

Worry not. Just manually change the thread color or simply choose colors you have in your collection.