Crazy Quilting

Crazy quilting may look complicated, but it is extremely easy to embroider. Especially since it is now created by machine and not painstakingly stitched by hand.

Essentially, it involves applique technique: placement lines for the fabric shapes, tack downs to keep fabric in place, and embellishment stitches to finish it off.

This design is Crazy Heart 1 from the Crazy Quilt Hearts Part 1 by Molly Mine.

The design was stitched on a piece of linen backed with Shape Flex interfacing. Placement lines show where each piece of fabric will go.

Each piece of fabric is tacked down to the base fabric and trimmed.

After each piece of fabric is added, the beautiful embellishment stitches add all of the details.

And because you can vary both the fabrics and threads, no two stitch outs are the same!

Make a quilt block or pop it in a frame and put it on display.