Crazy for ­­­­­the Sea­­­

­­­Mention the ocean and you may not think of crazy quilting. These designs will change your mind!

If the beach is one of your favorite spots, you are not alone. The detail in these crazy quilting designs from Molly Mine are almost as breathtaking as the creatures that inspired them.

Designs each contain six sizes ranging from 4×4 to 9×14 and are easy to stitch right in the hoop. Check out this blog to see just how effortless this technique is to embroider.

Crazy Quilt Clam Shell colors match perfectly. Batik fabric adds a lot of dimension with subtle color changes. That allows the decorative stitching to shine, especially the dolphin inset.

Crazy Seahorse and Crazy Quilt Spiral Seashell are exquisite with batik applique accented with beautiful stitching. Embroidery threads offset colors in the batiks for a truly tropical vibe.

This design features everything that we love about the ocean. Novelty pebble fabric shows off the crab while sea and sky of the Crazy Anchor blend together nicely. Add a compass to the top and the nautical theme is complete.

Subtle variations in fabric colors and prints make the decorative stitches in Crazy Mosaic Sea Turtle stand out without distraction. Leave off the center circle in the outline of the mosaic and consider replacing it with beads.

Crazy Whale adds a whimsical touch to the ensemble, perfect for nursery decor or beach towels.

All of these Molly Mine designs are available in six sizes ranging from 4×4 to 9×14 and are quite lovely when combined in projects like this beach tote.