Cork Fabric: The New Embroidery Fabric

One of the hottest new mediums for machine embroidery is cork. Sometimes referred to as cork leather, the natural alternative can be stitched just like fabric without tedious edge finishing.

Cork fabric is natural, durable, washable, and fashionable. That makes it a perfect choice for making purses, zip bags, and wallets.

It’s backed with a thin layer of fabric that is thin enough to easily sew and embroider. Plus, it doesn’t fray!

​As with fabric, cork comes in many different colors, prints, and finishes and can be purchased in yardage as well as a variety of cut sizes.

Much of the cork fabric originates in Portugal and other Mediterranean countries. Bark is harvested from the cork-oak tree and grows again and again. Many machine embroiderers like to use cork because it is environmentally friendly.

Some cork fabrics combine texture with metallic accents for a touch of elegance.

Give it a try for your next project!

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  1. Inspired to buy my first cork fabric. Only one color for me to choose from. Shop can hardly keep Cork in stock.

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