Converting Video Transcripts to Text

Video tutorials often contain valuable bits of information. I’ll show you how you can print out transcripts and use them for reference.

Most if not all of the designs at contain PDF instructions with step-by-step photos. Many of our talented designers and their associates have also created video tutorials, which can be quite helpful. Many times, links to video tutorials are referenced in the instructions.

Some of us learn best by seeing. An advantage of video is that you can stop and start or rewind as desired, and there are tips on film that may not show up in the instructions. A disadvantage is that it video is not always convenient to view and some can be lengthy.

For the best of both worlds, if the video tutorial has sub-titles, you can print out the video transcript and pull details from it.

Copying Video Transcripts

Let’s say you want to stitch the Crazy Quilt Stocking from Molly Mine, but you have never tried crazy quilting in the hoop and want to see a video tutorial. It has lots of tips and details that you would like to use for reference. Go to the video. Click on the three dots under the right-hand corner of the video screen.

Click on “Open transcript.”

The transcript will have time stamps running along the left-hand side. Click on the three dots of the transcript screen and then click “Toggle timestamps.” That makes them go away.

Click and drag text inside of the transcript screen. Copy the text (CTRL-C or right click, copy).

Open a word processing program like Microsoft Word or a publishing program like Publisher. Create a new document and paste the transcript text there. You will have one thin column of text.

Format the text into two columns or three columns in your software. Now, you have a printable document that you can highlight, edit, or add notes of your own. Don’t want to waste paper or ink? Save the file as a PDF that you can view electronically.

You can always edit the text into a full-page by deleting hard returns at the end of each line, but it takes a tremendous amount of time. All you really want is to pull details that the demonstrator provides in the video, the CliffsNotes version (#ShowingMyAge), for quick review.

One thing to note is that transcripts are subject to interpretation and some words may be used out of context.

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  1. Fabulous, I see dots etc., and too frightened to touch in case I lose what I started with, thanks so much; this will change things significantly, any hint is a great help, this one is top of the list. Hilary . (Western Australia)

  2. Thank you for this information. It will really help especially when I have had to restart over and over to hear better or just a fast glance to make sure that I am on the right track.

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