Common Thread Problems

Thread breaks – Causes: incorrect needle, burrs in needle eye, hook or throat plate, machine threaded incorrectly, incorrect needle bar height, tension adjustment needed, bent needle, machine needs lubrication, lint buildup, incorrect digitizing causing design to be too dense in an area, need for a silicon spray due to friction caused by thick fabrics or fabrics with treatments, pooling of thread which causes portions of the spool to wind off improperly – use Incredible Tape to prevent this

Needle breakage – Causes: timing needs adjusting for needle and hook point, needle in machine incorrectly, bent or dull needle.

Thread pileups on back of fabric – Causes: tension adjustment needed, machine incorrectly threaded.

Stitching not following pattern outline – Causes: bent needles, loose hoop in frame.

Flat stitching – Causes: tension tightness, topping film necessary on fabrics with a pile.

Looping – Causes: tension adjustment needed for tight fabric weaves, digitized with too many stitches.

Pigtailing – Cause: Top tension too tight.

Skipped stitches – Causes: wrong bobbin timing, incorrect needle size.

Puckering – Causes: tension too tight, backing not hooped the same tension as fabric, fabric hooped too tightly, needles not sharp enough, density of design too thick and needs to be increased in size slightly.

Author: Secrets of Embroidery