Clipping Text Jump Stitches

Clipping those tiny jump stitches in text, especially small text, can be a real nuisance, but what a difference it makes. People may not notice if you do, but if you don’t, everyone will notice!

I used the Tiny Alright font by Oma’s Place for the wording on the Lucky Shamrock project. The areas of most concern are the jumps between words and between the dot and the letter I.

Most of the time, I will use my curved embroidery scissors to trim thread jumps. They get under the threads quite nicely and trim pretty close to the embroidery.

When space is tight, a pair of tweezers helps to lift threads when trimming. In hindsight, because the fabric upon which I embroidered the wording was textured, using an embroidery topper may have made the lettering look even better.