Cleaning Sticky Embroidery Hoops

Does your embroidery hoop look like it is growing hair? I’ll show you a couple of ways that you can remove the sticky residue from your hoops and make them look like new!

I recommend never spraying temporary adhesive onto your hooped stabilizer. But even though you spray just the back of your batting/wadding or applique fabric, hoops can still get sticky residue on them over time, especially if the project is floated. Tape and sticky stabilizer also contribute to the build-up that comes from using adhesives. Thread spools, too, can get sticky from adhesive labels.

My go-to goo remover is non-acetone nail polish remover. Because it is safe to use with acrylic nails, I have had no problems with it harming my hoop after nearly two decades of use.

Wet a couple of cotton balls with the non-acetone remover and wipe the hoop to remove sticky residue.

Maybe it is because I do not spray in the hoop and, therefore, do not have a lot of buildup, but it really doesn’t take much elbow grease. If you are worried about the remover harming your hoop, wipe it off with a paper towel or wet rag after using non-acetone products.

Bonnie Welsh, from, likes to spray her hoop with WD-40. She lets it sit a bit and then wipes off the residue.

Two other items that Bonnie has used for removing GlitterFlex vinyl (which has a very sticky backing) are Goo Gone and Goof Off.

What do you use to clean your hoops?

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Sticky Embroidery Hoops”

  1. I do not use any spray adhesive. Elmer’s school glue sticks work wonders for me. It does not get on my hoops, goes job purple so you can put it exactly where you need it. It dries clear. It is cheap to buy especially before school starts.

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