Christmas Cookies

The Ho Ho Christmas Cookies set by Hatched in Africa is really fun for holiday sewing. Using the freestanding applique technique, the designs can be made into ornaments, cookies, or candy cane holders.

Start by hooping two layers of fabric-type water soluble stabilizer.

Adding multiple files to a larger hoop allows you to get a whole “batch” made up at one time!

The first color stop shows placement lines for the applique. You can use fabric, but I chose to use a gingerbread colored felt. Place your fabric over the placement stitches on the front and the back.

Run the tack-down stitch and trim on the front

and the back. Continue embroidery as instructed.

Add a film-type water-soluble topper before embroidery. Just tape or baste in the hoop. It keeps stitches from sinking into the felt.

When you are done, clip excess stabilizer and soak the rest away.

As an alternative, you can skip some of the decorative stitches and swap them out for beads or hot-fix crystals.

Let your pieces dry and pop them on a plate!